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Tips For Renting Holiday Villas

July 22nd, 2014

Are you planning to go on a holiday with your entire family? If yes, then you would be aware of the fact that booking suitable accommodation options can prove to be a very difficult task. Therefore, you need to ensure that you rent the right holiday villa for yourself. This article will tell you more about tips for renting holiday villas. It is of utmost importance to look out for some key help in this regard. By going through the below mentioned information you will be able to generate some fine results.

villas-defaultExclusive & Private Holiday Destinations in Thailand: Natai Beach & its Luxury Beachfront Villas
The key things that you should know about this topic are discussed below. You must go through these points carefully.

Run the numbers carefully

As we all know that renting a holiday villa is a very difficult task these days. Due to the current economy and scenario you need to work hard to get better deals. By checking out the internet, you will be able to come across some fine options in regard to renting a holiday villa. The places where you are able to find a decent holiday villa are the ones that you should go for.

Great Reasons to Rent Holiday Villas This Christmas

July 22nd, 2014

The holiday season comes around just once a year; to make it truly special, though, here are some reasons to rent holiday villas for Christmas this year.

The memories. What sort of holiday are you looking for; another year in the same room, looking at the same decorations and listening to the same music, or an exotic adventure in a foreign country where you can have a great deal of fun and make memories you will recall for the rest of your life? Built as a home away from home, holiday villas are a fantastic way to restore your holiday spirit.

The food. Many holiday villas offer the services of a professional chef who will prepare your meals for you, taking away all the stress and problems associated with creating that perfect Christmas feast. Let somebody else worry about the food this year; all you have to do is tell them what you want!


The size. Most hotels aren’t really set up to host parties, but holiday villas are a completely different story. You can travel together with just your immediate family, or you can bring in family and friends alike and seize the opportunity to get a truly magnificent villa that has the room for everything you want to do. As if that weren’t enough, each person attending can chip in part of the cost of the rental, so there’s no need to pay it all yourself. By doing this, you can all enjoy the most luxurious Christmas of your lives without having to break the bank to do it.

The fun. Let’s face it: vacations are about enjoying yourself. Holiday villas typically offer great access to things you can do; Cabo San Lucas villas, for example, are frequently associated with luxurious resorts that offer things from spas and golfing to equipment rental and some of the finest dining in the area. Put together, these can all provide for an adventurous, fun-filled vacation from beginning to end. Plus, with everybody staying under one roof, you won’t need to worry about meeting up if you’re traveling in a large group.

Find your Ideal Holiday: Villas and Cottages

July 22nd, 2014

Looking for the right holiday accommodation for you and/or your family?  We will discuss ideal holiday villas, good reasons to choose a villa and some of the drawbacks. When choosing a villa what are some of the important but less obvious considerations.

Choosing the right accommodation is the first key to a great holiday.    This is not as straightforward as you might think and is worth putting in some thought.  At the moment choosing a villa appears to be a very popular choice, there are some pros and cons that you should consider before going this route.

Fundamentally a villa is self catering accommodation.  Yes, self evident you might think.  Why do you want self catering accommodation?

  • Choice: I can cook what I want, when I want and still eat out too.  Useful for say breakfast, especially perhaps with a large or young family (it gives you extra flexibility).
  • The kids can have separate rooms from the adults.
  • There are more living areas – the adults can spend evenings here – while keeping an ear open for the children.  Often there will be TVs and DVD machines to help keep the kids amused.
  • Private pool? You can have a pool but without lots of other families  (hell is other people or hell is other peoples kids – quite likely).
  • More flexibility and cost effective for large groups.
  • Villa can be more picturesque: you can choose locations that are less heavily populated or touristy.
  • Personal privacy.


Some good reasons to choose a villa.  Now here are some reason to think again.

  • Self-catering also means all the effort that goes with it: buying the food, preparing the food, cooking the food and cleaning up afterwards.  The last time we did this one of the things we really noticed was the number of times we had to go shopping, we were always running out of something or needing stores for the next meal.
  • There are no  chambermaids so you have to tidy up after yourselves.
  • Private pool: will it be up to scratch; how big is it ? What about keeping an eye on the children – there are no lifeguards.  A surprising number of people drown every year in private swimming pools.
  • The kitchen is unlikely to be as well equipped as your kitchen at home.

How to Book The Best Luxury Holiday Villa Accommodations

July 22nd, 2014

full_samui_holiday_villa_1-baan_jasmine_main_pictureIf you are thinking about booking a luxury holiday villa, or dreaming about how nice it would be to escape to a luxury holiday villa in Spain you do not have continue dreaming if you follow the guidelines in the rest of this article. This is due to the fact that many people mistakenly believe that a luxury holiday villa is out of their price range when in actuality it may be possible to book such a vacation without spending a lot of your holiday budget.

The trick to booking a luxury holiday villa that makes sense with your budget is to book at the appropriate time with an open mind and time frame. This is because sometimes when you focus your search too much you miss out on luxury holiday villa accommodations that are available nearby at a great savings. For example, if you are willing to simply book a villa that is five km away from your destination instead of directly in the location that you plan to visit you can oftentimes reduce the price of your accommodations by half which would pay for a rental car and still result in a vast savings.

Also, if you plan to book you holiday villa accommodations one to two months before you leave for your holiday instead of at the last moment or six months before you leave you will also find that prices drop substantially. This is because last minute rooms often cost more since renters know that you no longer have a choice, and rooms that are booked too far in advance are only available at full price since the company does not have to discount rates yet to attract stays. Thus finding the perfect medium between the two by booking a month or two in advance results in a luxury holiday villa that you can afford.

Another trick of the trade to getting a good rate on a luxury holiday villa is using a secondary booking site online versus using the official website of the villa that you have in mind. Most official websites will not offer you deals since they assume that if you have taken the time to check out their villas then they have already hooked you. On the other hand, secondary query sites have to offer deals in order to peak your interest which means that their rates for the same rooms are considerably lower.

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